Any Utah Valley University pre-nursing students here?

  1. Just curious if there are any UVU students visiting the forum :spin:
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  3. by   crazylife
    Yes! I am here. Trying to get into the program for Fall '09.
  4. by   tfleuter
    I'm applying for the Fall as well! I'm finishing up Chem and Micro this semseter and will be taking Anatomy, Physiology and NURS 1400 this summer. I've already taken the TEAS, but I may take it again to see if I can do better. Hope to see you in the program!
  5. by   crazylife
    I'm taking NURS 1400 this summer too! Monday/Wednesday 11:00, I think. What class are you in? I just took my TEAS yesterday...and feeling good about it. Especially since its over.
  6. by   tfleuter
    I was signed up for the M/W class, but I switched to the T/R so I could take physiology as well. I'm so glad that I took the TEAS and got it over with, but since your score can only be improved by taking it the second time, I figured I would shell out the extra $30 and see if I can't do better. I was told my score would have been competitive for the last two application pools, but I always worry that this coming group maybe be slightly better and I would hate to miss out on a spot by just a smidge, ya know?
  7. by   crazylife
    Totally agree. Good luck with the TEAS and those prereq's. Let me know if you get in...this waiting to find out is torture!
  8. by   testpilotb
    I am hoping to get in for fall of 09 as well. How did you guys do on the TEAS and what are your grades like? I got a 92 on the teas and wonder how everyone else does. Good luck to all hope to see you this fall

  9. by   tfleuter
    I have a 3.93 gpa and got a 89 on the TEAS. I can still take th TEAS one more time, but I'm not going to. I figure if i get, i get in. If not, I'll spend the fall doing the co-reqs that are normally done in the program and apply for the spring. I can't believe we have to wait 8 weeks to find out!
  10. by   crazylife
    I have a 4.0 and got 93 on the TEAS. The pre-nursing counselor gave me some info about last application pool, but I can't remember at the moment. I can post it if you want it.
  11. by   tfleuter
    I'm pretty certain you'll get in crazylife. The last two applicant pools the average gpa was a 3.85 and a 3.93 (at least that's what Denise told me). The average TEAS was 89 both times. Rumors have been circulating that this fall's applicant pool is going to be larger than before, but really nobody knows for sure what to expect. Good luck to everyone!!!!
  12. by   crazylife
    This year they are also accepting 60 instead of 40, so if there really is a larger pool this year that may help offset things. Denise said as of last Tuesday they had a little over 200 applicants which is pretty normal, but that doesn't mean that number will remain the same since the deadline is tomorrow. She came and talked to our NURS 1400 class yesterday. Aren't you taking that class too tfleuter?
  13. by   tfleuter
    Yup, I have the class this morning, so maybe she is talking to us today (taking it from Troy Nelson.) Troy had told us they were increasing the number of seats in the spring, but if they are changing it for this fall then Yee-Haw!! That will definately help a lot
  14. by   aloha2you
    Did you know that there is a new BSN program starting this Spring in South Jordan? Anyone with information?