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    Alas! Here I go again! This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the "intricacies" of this nursing program. Former grads, new or current students are encouraged to chat. Knowledge is power, indeed! Continued blessings and success to all! Good Luck!

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    Hi there! I just sent in my application for the Jan 2012 AP-BSN start date. I am currently taking my pre-reqs through the AP program online via UTA. I've been happy with the classes overall and it sure is convenient. I have three small kids and work from home.

    Reading about the difficultly of getting in for the Fall 2011 start date has me nervous. So far, all A's in my sciences (I'm wrapping up A&P 1 and Micro now). All I'll have left is A&P 2 in June and Patho/Pharmacology in Sept.
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    @Mochachild & McKinneyMom-

    Count me in!! I am going to reapply for AP BSN Spring 2012. Even though my advisor is stating my chances for unpartnered and without retaking a couple class (which I am in the Fall) is tough and she says I stand a higher chance in Fall 2012 (just really do not want to have to wait that long). I am going to continue taking Path (May 16th) and Pharm (Sept 12) and retake Micro and A&P2. I'll start Micro in June and A&P2 in Aug. It's a tough schedule but i am determined to do whatever is needed to increase my chances! As of now I have a 3.5 science GPA and 3.3 overall but hoping to increase that for Spring application since my Technical Writing and Intro (made As) was not factored in for Fall application.
    Do you mind me asking you guys what your GPAs are? Just trying to see how far I am off from others. I am not sure that they are putting a lot of focus on 2nd degrees like I thought they did (I have BA from UTA 2002) because seems like being partnered is the real key. I honestly do not want to have to get a job with my family and husband's work schedule I am able to stay home and want to solely focus on my studies. Are either of you employed at a partnering hospital?
    After talking with my advisor last week (following my rejection letter for fall '11) I was shocked to learn nearly 650 applicants applied and 70 were accepted (ONLY 12 slots for unpartnered!!) That is crazy!!
    @McKinneyMom..I also have 3 young boys (6, 4, and 17 months) They keep me busy! Are you in Intro now? There are a couple moms with boys in my class? How was Micro? I'm a little nervous since it's been 10 years since I took this class (made a B but must get an A this time).
    I wish all of you the best of luck and look forward to sharing our thoughts over the Fall...hoping we can all start in January!!
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    @tejas03, my girls are almost 5, 2, and 6 weeks! I am not partnered either. I have a BA and MS in Psychology from UNT. Wondering if that will end up helping admissions or not really. I took Intro to Prof Nursing and Tech Writing last fall online at UTA. Micro is not too bad - you really have to read the chapters carefully because tests are very specific though. I just finished Chem today - whew! Chemistry online was the most challenging so far. Really enjoying Micro and A&P. I'll have to calculate my overall GPA from the classes they factor in- I think it's around a 3.8? Good luck retaking the two science classes!! Where in the metroplex are you?
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    Hello, all!

    I am also a second degree seeker- BBA in Marketing from UH. Recently completed my VN certificate from HCC-Coleman and will be taking my boards in June (was too intense to study for boards and pass prereqs!) Have a 3.7 prereq GPA and 3.67 overall. Words of advice- don't get caught up on GPAs. That was a tough pill to swallow after this last application attempt. Two of my former classmates had GPAs of 4.0 sciences, 3.8 overall and did not get in. What I do know from this last experience is that it is advantageous to work for a partner hospital. This time around I won't be as naive. Anyone from Houston or surrounding areas?
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    im from houston as well...im applying for spring 2012 so basically if we dont already work for one of the hospitals we dont get in? They dont post that on their website....
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    They do accept a few (my advisor stated 12 from this Fall '11 pool were not partnered) out of 70 available spots but no they do NOT advertise this information...I'm sure because it would limit potential applicants from paying the pre-req course prices. That is just my thought tho! :-/
    I am a LVN too (for the past 11 years) and love it, but am determined to finish my BSN so I will have more career opportunities available to me. Good luck on boards!! You will do great! I'm trying not to get too wrapped up in GPAs but my advisor on the Monday after rejection letter pretty much reemphasized how GPAs overall score was a big part so just making a couple changes.
    I am in Arlington. I am just anxious to get Micro started! lol I start Patho tomorrow and Micro on June 20th. Just finished Intro this past week and really enjoyed it. I honestly do not think that having a 2nd degree really plays a very important part..my advisor says "they do give consideration" but I don't know how much?! I was hoping it would have made a big difference but obviously not. :-/
    I am just praying and turning in my application tomorrow. Best of luck everyone!!
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    Nothing is a surety, but preference is given to those applicants that are partnered. As tejas03 stated, 10-12 ppl were accepted as non-partnered. I am willing to bet everything that none of them were from outside the DFW Metroplex. Statistically speaking, this past application period (Fall 2011) was the most competitive in their history- 1200 applicants for 100-120 slots. This time around, there were more partnered applicants than slots available. Because there is no interview required, looking good on paper is all you've got. Do what you must to present a strong application.


    Trust me- I'm reevaluating my situation as well. I have a game plan so prayerfully it'll come into fruition.
    I'm also taking summer classes, too. You'll do fine! I'm excited for the both of us!
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    Ok to make sure I understood correctly u must work @ a partnered hospital to be more competiive on the campus based program? According to the UTA campus based BSN application there is no spot to indicate if u work for a partnered hospital or not if I'm not mistaken but on the AP BSN app there is.. So which school had 1200 applicants apply?
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    That was the total number of applicants. If I'm not mistaken, partnered applicants apply through their employers. FYI- UTA accepts up to 10 ppl per partnered hospital.

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