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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the "intricacies" of this nursing program. ... Read More

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    Well we passed the deadline...wondering how many applied??!! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!

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    Wooohooo! I finally got over my fear that maybe I forgot to include something. Now the dreaded wait!!
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    Does anyone know if the UTA online science prereqs transfer to other universities? I plan on applying to UTA and other universities also. I need to take A&P I and II but if I take it online with UTA would other nursing colleges accept it since you are not taking the lab at an actual school.?.
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    yes, regardless if it is online or not it would be accepted as long as it is the correct course needed.
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    I was told to better my chances for the AP BSN program that I should consider getting a job at a partner hospital. I did. I have not started yet. I am wondering if there is a code or an application that must be filled out at the partner hospital that I will be working for in addition to my application to UTA for spring 2012?

    Thanks for the advise.
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    Where did you get a job at? What type job?
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    Is there anyone who applied for Spring '12 partnered with Good Shepherd Medical Center-Longview or from East Texas with hopes of being partnered with GSMC?
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    Has anyone received confirmation that their traditional program application was received yet? My advisor contacted me this morning to inform that they were still counting apps! I am prayful that this will not be a repeat performance of the Fall app period. Saddle up, folks! This may be a bumpy ride!
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    Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster here.

    How long did it take for you to hear back from your advisor about your missing courses after you sent in your first application (the one to UTA, not the nursing program)? I've been waiting awhile and I'm not sure if I should bother my advisor again about my status. I was hoping to be able to apply for Spring 2012 with the rest of you if I only needed to take a couple of pre-requisites, but obviously the deadline is past.
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    I feel like I waited a long time after I applied before my advisor wrote me. I think it was around 2 months or so!

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