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Alas! Here I go again!;) This thread is dedicated to all hopefuls to either of the programs- AP or traditional. Let's partake in the sharing of ideas, suggestions, and/or insight in the "intricacies" of this nursing program. ... Read More

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    You do not need to work at a partnered hospital for the on campus BSN program..just the Academic Partnership online BSN program. UTA had a record number (per my advisor) of total applicants this Fall '11 pool with 1200 total applicants...nearly 650 alone for the AP online BSN program! If you are applying for AP online BSN you would be more competitive already being employed by one of the partnering hospitals. That being said, I would rather not work during this accelerated program so I'm just praying that I can get accepted as one of the unpartnered students?! Mochachild is correct in that partnered students make application through their employer and then the hospitals coordinate with UTA and, yep, it's about 10 per hospital (they have about 6-7 partnering hospitals that I know of). Good luck!

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    As far as having a previous degree goes, I don't think there's much emphasis on it unfortunately. I have a BS in Neuroscience from UTD but they didn't actually average the grades from those classes into my GPA. I was basically a straight A student when I went to UTD, but unfortunately none of that is helping me. They look at your GPA strictly from the required prerequisite courses and that's it. So the grades I got when I first started college (almost 10 years ago) seem to be the only ones that count, and unfortunately they weren't very good. Those grades are now negatively affecting my GPA and thus my chances of being accepted. The fact that I graduated Summa cum Laude from UTD seems to be of minimal importance. In some regards I wish an essay was required for that very reason, to explain previous academic "deficiencies." If they only were to look at all of my academic coursework as a whole, they'd see I'm a good student and completely capable of becoming a nurse! I really believe that nursing is my calling in life (it just took me a while to figure it out).
    Right now I'm looking for jobs at THR hospitals in the Fort Worth area in order to become partnered. I feel like that's my only hope!!
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    Yes, you are correct in that it is only the required prerequisites that factor your overall GPA..that is a bummer since most of us 2nd degree students have great GPAs in our majored subject. I agree I wish they would either require an interview or an essay because unfortunately just looking at a piece of paper does not do justice to so many of us applicants.
    That's great about looking for employment with THR. Let me know if you have to end of signing a contract I would be curious. I've talked to several partnered THR students and it seems that THR does require that.
    I asked a question on another thread but only received one response about if students accepted into the program that were partnered were able to stay in the program if they quit their jobs. One responded that she works at Parkland but is quitting because her job there does not allow for less than full time (and it does not change her program status). Do any of you know the answer to this question? I just am trying to figure out how the partnered students are going to maintain employment status (even part time seems hard to me) yet trying to complete an accelerated program (which a couple students have wrote they spend anywhere from 40-50 hours a week online). Sounds intense!! Again, just trying to process all the information and all my options. Thanks!
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    Yowza! The competition to get into this program is definitely tough. The convenience and price are large factors in that, I'm sure. Along with UTA's positive reputation. I'm kinda freaking out over here but I guess you can just do what you can do and hope for the best, right? Fingers crossed we'll all be seeing each other in Jan.

    Does anyone have the current list of partner hospitals? Just wondering if Plano Presby is on the list. Thanks!
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    I called and asked the Academic Partnership people and they pulled the list for me. Presby Plano is part of THR and is on the list of partnered hospitals. Maybe you could at least find something PRN there and hopefully that would be enough to get into the partner pool?
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    Yes, I was told THR, Baylor, Parkland, JPS, Cooks were all on the partnered list. Hope that helps!
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    Has anybody had a chance to talk with any of the hospitals recruiters about possible employment yet? Just curious...
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    Hello, everyone!

    I am about to submit my application this Friday for the Traditional BSN Program. For the last year I have been stalking this site trying to gain insight on applying to better my chances of getting in. I had originally planned to apply to the AP online program until I learned I could apply earlier to the traditional program without having to complete all the prerequisites. I see a lot of great posts on the AP program but looking for more on the traditional. I will be finishing up some of my prerequisites this fall at UTA. And I am taking a risk by going ahead and quitting work before school this fall with the intention of starting the actual nursing program in spring. However, if I do not get in I will continue finishing my prerequisites and expect to start that fall. Ideally, I hope to get in this spring. I have a 4.0 GPA in the sciences and perquisites. And I do not have a previous degree.
    And I am also a wife and mother of 3 boys (4 if you count my husband). They are 2, 8 and 12. And yes, I am always tired and overwhelmed..lol

    Good Luck to everyone!

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    Welcome Alicia!!
    Good luck on the traditional program...sounds like you've got a great chance with a 4.0 science/overall!!
    What classes do you like? Are you taking online or regular classes?
    Yea for all the boys!! They are so much fun! Lol...I'm with you on the being tired all the time!!
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    I am taking the online class at DCCCD unless a lab is required which has only been necessary for the microbiology class. I love the online because I usually lose focus in lectures and would have to learn on my own anyhow. And that just gives me more time to study. With work and kids the stress would be at its peak if I had to take on –campus courses. I do not think I would have done as well if I had taken classes on-campus. I think the freshman and sophomore courses can be self taught and easily reinforced with teacher support. But I am looking forward to going on campus for the nursing program because it will give me a chance to slow down just a bit. And now we will be relying heavily on the teacher’s knowledge than just text information. But I would have no problem with the AP program if I got in. I just want to get accepted as soon as possible because husband has given me a time limit on not working..lol

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