UTA Partnership Program?

  1. I'm aware that there have been some threads about this, but most of them were old or a lot of heavy reading. I was just wondering a few things about this program, so anyone who has done it or applied should be more than enough to answer them. I was reading that the online partnership program was very easy to get in to. Is this true? Like some people had said 3.0 GPAs and 75's on HESI. I feel like this can't be true, but I wouldn't complain if it was. Also, how difficult is it to get a job at these hospitals beforehand? Is it rather competitive for the benefits and such? And finally, how lenient is UTA about the prereqs? For example: I see that I have to take art theory, but I was wondering if I could substitute it for a dance class I have already taken or something? Anything would be great. Thanks
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    What is UTA ??? There are a lot of possibilities
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    University of Texas at Arlington.
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    Your questions re: pre-req's and interchangable credits are best answered by one of their advisors. I had really quick response from them as soon as I contacted them to indicate an interest, so you probably want to go that route.

    Getting jobs at the hospitals is very difficult. Few are hiring new grads in any kind of number (300-600 applicants per internship slot depending on the specialty) and even for experienced nurses they are prefering now to hire BSNs. I doubt anyone can speak to their benefits for all the different hospitals in the area. I have been hired at an HCA facility and the benefits are quite good.

    I have not even looked at the GPA requirements for the program. My GPA is high, so I just kind of assumed it would be a nonissue. Once you have an RN degree the HESI score doesn't matter anymore.

    Best of luck.
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    Not done yet, I appreciate your help, but I have to say there must have been some confusion on one of our parts. My post was asking about getting into the online partnership program with UTA. And the job section was asking about getting a job before entering the program for tuition reimbursements and such. I appreciate the info, though.
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    I understood and am confused by your above post.... I am entering the online partnership program at UTA in January for the RN to BSN bridge...classes start January 16. I am graduating with my ADN this December. I work at an HCA facility that is part of the partnership program as a nurse extern and was commenting on how difficult it is to get a job right now, not just at HCA but at any hospital, whether they are part of the partnership or not. I was referencing RN jobs, but perhaps you are referring to other positions such as a PCT or unit secretary. Those jobs are very difficult to get unless you have previous hospital experience. Even then at this time it is very much about who you know. I can say that HCA will pay $5000 per year toward tuition reimbursement after you have been employed with them for a year in terms of a continuing education benefit.

    My responses were directly to the inquiries you made in your original post so....?? What else can I tell you? Perhaps you are just now entering nursing school and not an RN already....if so, I have no info for you re: that. I was not aware that there was a straight up BSN that was online only from start to finish associated with the partnership. If this is the case, I apologize. I think of the RN to BSN bridge when I think of the partnership and answered from that angle. Good luck with your studies!
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    Yes, I believe that is where the problem was. The partnership/online program is for first time BSN students, and it not the bridge program they offer. But I still appreciate the info!