UTA Online RN-BSN---how do the clinicals work?

  1. Hi all!

    In the UTA RN-BSN program, and live in Philadelphia. Have been taking classes since March and actually starting Nursing 3645 on Sept 23rd.

    I have a love/hate relationship with my academic advisor, and I find that she is really great for helping me register for classes, but all other questions I have are answered in a flim-flam, non-answered way, or just not answered at all. Which is totally awesome (not)

    So the question I have asked her, and either gotten some non-answer or just ignored, is how do the nursing classes with clinical components work when I'm not in Texas.

    She did answer me once and sent me a link about partner hospitals, but they were all in Texas.

    I replied anxiously that my understanding was that I didn't have to ever go to Texas for any part of the degree and that I still wasn't clear about the clinical component and her reply was "yes, that's right, you don't have to attend class on campus." Well thanks for not even answering a single part of my question, advisor :anger:

    Anyways...can y'all help me....how do out-of-staters do clinicals? Also, what about those of us RN's that either aren't working, or don't work at a hospital or in a clinical setting?


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  3. by   twindad85
    If you are in the RN-BSN program through the academic partnership, there are NO clinicals at all. I too have had frustration with my academic advisor. She can not even register me correctly at times. I had a friend who completed the RN-BSN and she stated the only time she spent any time in a hospital for school was to follow around her managment for a few hours in order to complete a paper in her Managment class. Hope this helps.
  4. by   twindad85
    P.S. I start NURS 3645 on the 23rd too!
  5. by   mmccluskey
    I live in NY and will be done with UTA RN-BSN in December (3 nursing classes left), and there have been no actual clinicals to date. I have also heard that there is some shadowing necessary for the Leadership and Mgmt class, but I won't know for sure until I start it in a couple of weeks. As far as the school goes in general...don't expect much from the "Academic Advisers," or even the Coaches," for that matter, as they change all the time. I have been in the program since last September, and I have had at least 4 advisers (that I can remember). When you are lucky, they tell you that they are changing...sometimes I have only found out by asking a question and having the email returned un-deliverable. That tells me that there is a lot of turn-over, and that can't be good...but it is on par with the rest of my feelings towards this school in general...
  6. by   Meriwhen
    There are no clinicals in the RN-BSN program. For any field assignments (such as in the Leadership/Management class), it's expected that you do them at your workplace or another agency.

    Advisors are hit or miss. I have a very good one and had her for the entire time--guess my last name is at a good point in the alphabet. It was initially hard to reach her in the beginning though for some reason, but after I complained to the main office, things improved.
  7. by   heddi
    Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I appreciate all your help for clearing that up for me!
  8. by   heddi
    well I hope to see you then! My husband is also in the program and he'll be in class with us. This should be interesting
  9. by   nida007
    hi [FONT=arial, sans-serif]!
    i was just wondering and actually was a little concerned about the clinical portion of the RN-BSN online at UT arlington. i heard that its kinda bad if a program doesnt offer clinical, but i alreday have my RN and i did clinicals, so does it matter if the BSN part doesnt? are you having trouble finding jobs because of this? i really want to apply to UT arlington but this is my only concern. please help thanks!
  10. by   rinacali
    Hi mmccluskey,
    I too live in NY and needed some more info on UTA RN-BSN. Please email me at newtocali88@yahoo.com.
    What school did you transfer from and how long is the program from start to finish?
  11. by   danarooo
    Nida 007 - many university RN to BSN programs do not offer clinical. This is because we are already RN's, we did our RN clinical in nursing school and we are working as RN's currently. The RN to BSN is lots of research and paper writing, a focus on Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and preparing for a leadership role as an RN. This shouldn't have any bearing on your ability to find a job. I personally would not want to deal with a program that requires a clinical as I did mine in nursing school and am a working nurse with very little time as it is.

    The program is a decent one, they all have their pro's and con's. I'd say my biggest irritation is the fact that I have to take College Algebra when I already have statistics which seems to me like a way to just get more money.