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Could anyone shed some light on which hospitals are available in the Houston area as a partnership. I had heard that Clear Lake was and also wanted to know if by being employed by HCA would give the... Read More

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    Letters will go out first of november for what? Spring of 12?
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    Well guys all we can do is wait...if I hear anything I will definitely post it. Good look and please stay n touch.
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    Yeah letter for spring 2012 applicants
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    Well, that's good to know. Good luck everyone!
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    Has anyone had any success with UT Arlington's BSN online program. I spoke with a counselor who was at least honest and told me the only partner hospital in Houston was HCA. Priority given to those already working for HCA and I should expect to have to do clinicals two days per week in the Dallas area. I live in Houston.

    I might be able to swing clinicals in Dallas IF they are on the weekend. I'm waiting to hear back from my counselor.
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    Clinical sites in pasadena or lake jackson. I was contacted by an ap coordinator asking me which site I preferred. They supposedly call you accordinh to your rank in the admissions decision. I lived in arlington for the past year and a half, but I'm moving back to Houston. I wasn't partnered with any hospitals and got into the program.