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Could anyone shed some light on which hospitals are available in the Houston area as a partnership. I had heard that Clear Lake was and also wanted to know if by being employed by HCA would give the same edge. But I do need to... Read More

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    Hey guys,
    I'm so frustrated....why is it so difficult to get a straight answer from the advisors or Uta nursing dept?? I work for Plaza and I was told Plaza is under the HCA hospital network, so i could apply as partner. What have you guys heard? And does anyone know when the letters are going out?

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    HCA is the parent company and when I spoke with the Nurse educator she said they take internal clear lake first. then they get HCA memebers and then non partner applicants. so you are better off than me.
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    Sherri86 - I am not partnered with a hospital. If I don't get in this go round, I will try to find a position at a hospital.

    I emailed my advisor this morning and was surprised to be written back by another advisor saying that my original advisor is no longer employed by the UTA nursing department. What?! She was there less than two weeks ago. Aye yi yi. My advisor before this last one left as well last year. The temporary advisor who emailed me today did say letters will go out the first week in November.
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    Letters will go out first of november for what? Spring of 12?
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    Well guys all we can do is wait...if I hear anything I will definitely post it. Good look and please stay n touch.
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    Yeah letter for spring 2012 applicants
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    Well, that's good to know. Good luck everyone!
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    Has anyone had any success with UT Arlington's BSN online program. I spoke with a counselor who was at least honest and told me the only partner hospital in Houston was HCA. Priority given to those already working for HCA and I should expect to have to do clinicals two days per week in the Dallas area. I live in Houston.

    I might be able to swing clinicals in Dallas IF they are on the weekend. I'm waiting to hear back from my counselor.
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    Clinical sites in pasadena or lake jackson. I was contacted by an ap coordinator asking me which site I preferred. They supposedly call you accordinh to your rank in the admissions decision. I lived in arlington for the past year and a half, but I'm moving back to Houston. I wasn't partnered with any hospitals and got into the program.

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