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Hello- I have just learned about this the online (entire program including pre-req courses) ap bsn program at uta. I read about this on another uta thread but it was not as clear as it was... Read More

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    Is anyone else having a lot of trouble with UTA advisers? I am having a lot of trouble getting answers about the program and what courses I need to take to enroll. I have over 100 credit hours but I am not sure what they will accept because the credits are from a private college. Today I finally got an answer about my what is happening with my prerequisites. I was told that I would have to wait another month before I will know what will transfer. Is anyone having to wait this long? I feel like I could have completed 12 more credit hours this spring if I only knew what to take. Do you have a suggestions on helpful people to talk to at UTA? The nursing program doesn't seem willing to talk to much until my paper work gets through admissions. Between saving the money to apply, applying, getting transcripts sent in, and waiting on admissions this process has taken several months. I guess the point of this post is that I am wondering if UTA is blowing me off or if this is how they treat everyone.
    it's NOT YOU! the entire program is an organizational DISASTER and it only gets worse as you advance through the program.....my academic advisor changed 5 times in 2 semesters & that was just the beginning of a long series of disappointing event/last-minute and completely disruptive changes/
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    Is it hard to get accepted into the program?
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    Does anyone know a full list of partnership schools? I can't find a page or link so that I can try to gain employment with one of these hospitals for a better chance. Thank you.
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    How much is the current program?