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This thread is for anyone taking Holistic health assessment on-line at UTA starting Jan 14th 2013. Hopefully we can get a good thread going in order to provide support for each other as we go. The more students who participate,... Read More

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    Quote from middlesister
    After sending an email to the head academic coach I received my week 4 grades in less than two hours. now just need to copy and paste, and i assume we have to put the subjective from this week in also, but still waiting on that graded paper. Final tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for help and feedback
    it's afternoon in Tx and i'm still waiting for my week 4 grades. glad you got yours but would be nice for the week 5 subj grade as well before we turn it in.

    it was nice chatting w/u here and was great to have your support during this class.

    best regards

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    OMG. ScarletFire. I just can't believe you STILL don't have all those grades. Hope you let someone at UTA know about this! So sorry!
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    Quote from rosemrn
    OMG. ScarletFire. I just can't believe you STILL don't have all those grades. Hope you let someone at UTA know about this! So sorry!
    Nope. still no grades. it's been one week since i submitted them. yes, i can probably let someone know, but i doubt if it will make much difference to me or to anyone in the future. since this is her pattern (and she has been very consistent w/ this behavior), it tells me there are no negative repercussions for grading assignments anytime she gets around to it. from my experience in life, i notice that people do not change their behavior unless there are bad consequences if they don't or rewards if they do.........the carrot and the stick analogy. and i can't imagine UTA faculty doing either. so, just have to wait.

    i think i may close up my laptop and venture out to buy my husband a nice valentine's day gift for being the best and most patient "patient" during my assessments.

    check in later and i'll let you know what happens. Are you completely finished? hope so.
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    No. Worked last night, so just submitted my paper. Taking quiz in a little while and will think up something for the DB. I can see the light, good or bad! Is your AC miss good luck? You are right though, if a person does what they have, they do not care about anyone but themselves. Not what I consider an educator!

    Take a break!!!!!

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    Quote from ScarletFire

    Congratulations. i'm almost w/ you. just waiting for grades for all of week 4 stuff so i can submit my paper. but, last DB is done and the final, too.
    i appreciated all of your posts and your sense of humor, chicagoRNlove. you have a way w/ words. made me laugh many times, and that helped get thru this horrible class.
    i wish you all the best.
    Thank you so much ScarletFire. I still cannot believe u don't have ur grades yet, that AC is disgusting. You must be a really patient person to deal with that attitude for 5weeks!
    Thank you so much for all ur help & support, and ur so punctual with ur replies!!! None of us would still have our sanity if you hadn't created this forum, so a BIG THANK YOU for that!
    You're almost at the finish line, and you should be very proud of urself for this accomplishment under ur belt.
    I hope we have another class together in the near future
    Best of luck on ur endeavors.
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    I'm sticking around to give u all moral support! Keep on TRUCKIN!!!!!! I believe in you!!!
    And please feel free to message me for any help anytime.
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    Took the final test!!!!!!! So glad it is over. Hard to focus and concentrate at times because so tired of this class. Treadmill and relax a little while then DB and I will be DONE with this class.

    Thanks to EVERYONE here who listened to me and gave me so much help.

    ScarletFire, again, thanks for starting thread. Stay in touch, and if I can help anyone with any classes I have taken or will take PLEASE let me know!!!!!!

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    well, i was the first to post on this thread and i guess i will be the last. i'm going to submit my paper tomorrow morning, grades or no grades and that will be the end, finally.

    all i did was start the thread, which was nothing. it was the contributions from everyone that made this forum so successful. knowing that i wasn't alone and could come here day or night to vent, read posts, laugh, and get advice from my classmates made a huge difference for me during this nightmare of a class. i don't know what i would have done w/o you and all of the other smart, generous, and funny nurses here who gave of their time without a second thought to help perfect strangers. you are all extraordinary.

    and of course, anytime i can be of assistance to anyone, you know where to find me.

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    I forgot someone asked when Vuneral Pop stuff was due- Thurs, Saturdays and Sundays 2359

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