UTA NURS 3425 Health Assessment to start 1-14-2013 - page 30

This thread is for anyone taking Holistic health assessment on-line at UTA starting Jan 14th 2013. Hopefully we can get a good thread going in order to provide support for each other as we go. The... Read More

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    Are you kidding me? I still have not received the grade for my final paper and my final grade

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    But are the grades in the grade book weighted already? It doesn't look like it.
    Remember the exam was 30% so that may work to ur advantage.
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    Well I had a 91.68 before the paper was graded and I got a 96 on the final paper and it is still sitting at 91.68. I have seen it take a day or two previously for the overall grade percentage to update.
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    True, my grade didnt change when my paper was uploaded to my grades, when is the final grade due? I have emailed my coach, no word back. I am dreaming about this now... Grrrr.... This class really stressed me out so much! Now I am really frustrated because of this grade! Could have slacked more if I was going to end up with a B...Boohoo.. Lol!
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    I'm praying someone is up and able to answer this question for me. On Week 1's Objective data assignment, does the percentage of ideal body weight have to be calculated under number 3? Thanks so much!!!
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    Starting this class 01/2014, I didn't order the DVD is it the same as the online supplemental that is provided with the book or do I need the DVD?
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    I'm starting too. We should create a new board b/c I was wondering the same. I am tempted to rent the assessment book from amazon and save some money instead of buying it from UTA.
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    seems like my coach says the same thing "good Luck its in the example"...ugh

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