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  1. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from rosemrn
    The only prereqs I need are History I, a literature class and Texas Gov't. Any suggestions about taking two of those together or combining with a nursing class. Any of those I should take by themselves. I heard the Hist classes were pretty tough.
    I've said this before, but I will keep warning people:

    HIST 1311 (History 1) and HIST 1312 (History 2) are NOT specialized shortened courses just for RNs. They are FULL-LENGTH 16 week courses that are crammed into 8 weeks. I can't stress that enough: you're essentially taking a semester-long course in half the time.

    HIST is very labor intensive and there is a LOT of reading, weekly DQs, four tests and four projects to do. With the way the course is set up, you will not allowed to be work ahead...and deadlines are strict so if you fall behind you may not be allowed to play catch-up. Also, this class is not an easy out for RNs, nor do the instructors care whether you are working or taking other classes at the same time--they expect that if you sign on for the class, you are aware of and responsible for the HIST workload.

    It is possible to take HIST with a nursing or other class--I did with HIST 1311--however it was very tough to manage. I'll admit that HIST 1312 was far more enjoyable and manageable when taken alone.

    I would avoid taking HIST with another class if possible. If you do take it with another class, make it one of the 5 week nursing classes. Don't even think of taking it with two other classes at the same time--you WILL drown.

    Also, be sure to verify that you only need HIST 1311 (History 1, or the US to 1865), instead of needing both HIST 1311 and 1312.

    Texas History is also another full-length class crammed into 8 weeks, and that's a busy class as well. Nowhere near as bad as either HIST though. I took that with other classes and didn't have a problem.

    Hope this helps.
  2. by   chicagoRNlove
    Quote from ScarletFire

    completely agree w/u on everything you posted. i see absolutely no point in copying and pasting the exact words into one giant useless paper. this is not learning. i think they cooked this up in order to have something for a final assignment.

    my AC took points off on week 2 sub assignment for not listing the condition of teeth and providing a tooth count! On the subjective portion!!!???? No, i did not ask my client how many teeth he has, bec, #1, it was not listed in the lab manual, and #2, if i had, i'm pretty sure, he would say he doesn't know. i did, however, comment on teeth in the objective portion, under inspection. at the time (in week 2), i let it go, just chalking it up to AC ineptitude, but a few days ago i realized i needed some clarification on this for the paper, so i e:mailed Miss Good Luck and she agreed w/ me and gave me the points back. that's fine, but what the hell? apparently, she was reading my subjective assignment, but in her mind, she was reading the objective one????

    then, in week 3, she pointed out that i did not use the word, "bilaterally" to describe nasal flaring!!!!??? Like, how do you have unilateral nasal flaring anyway. makes me think all they do is going thru and look for specific words, such as bilateral, 2+/3+, mm Hg, breaths per min, and so forth to do the grading. you could probably write this up in like, Russian, or something and as long as you had the right buzz words, you'd do ok.
    AMEN!!!!! This class is just ridiculously unnecessary. We can all use refreshment assessment skills, but i don't think anyone is going to know how many teeth they have, and I dont think any nurse will ask someone how many teeth they have. Who the hell counts their teeth??!
    LAST WEEK OF HELL!!! And this summary paper really sucks. I'm so wiped out.
  3. by   rosemrn

    Thanks so much for input on History classes. Unfortunately way back in 1981, during my first semester ever in college, I made a D in History I. At that time, I made a poor choice not to retake since technically at that time we could have one D. Being young and dumb, I didn't want to go through that class again and ended up graduating with a 3.2 but could have done better had I retaken that history class. NOW GUESS WHAT? I have to take that yucky History I again since I cannot transfer a D. Came back to bite me!!!!!!! Oh well. Think I will take your advice and take it by itself. I am in no particular hurry except I am ready to be done already with all this school. Maybe I will look at taking American Lit and Texas Govt with a nursing class each.

    Thanks again for the input. Really helps!!!!! Oh, putting this final paper together is killing me. Not hard, just VERY time consuming.
  4. by   chybabe
    I agree with you all. This class is beyond insane. I am about to start the final paper and my heart is already beating so fast...I know it's probably 15 pages or more of all the mombo jombos. Gosh, I can't stand the genogram/ecomap crap. Who really cares? I spent 2 DAYS..yes 2 days to figure out how to build those and I almost broke down in tears and mind you I am computer savvy. Now, I can't help but think I have to deal with it one more time...Sighs. 5 more days. Just hanging on to dear life!!!
  5. by   ScarletFire
    49 pages and counting.......
  6. by   rosemrn
    Sounds familiar. Then to add week 5 subjective. Ugggggggh!!! Sick of it!!!!!
  7. by   chybabe
    ...Still on page 10. Oh well, let the copying and pasting continue
  8. by   chicagoRNlove
    Done. 56 pages.

    Now this ridiculous DB. Like they really care about our 2,5,&10 year goals.....
  9. by   TxMonci
    Quote from chicagoRNlove
    Do we have the same AC!?? Cuz mine does the same, and then goes back and doesn't give me credit. Do u really think these ppl read our working fully?? No way dude! They just check for common errors and call it a day.
    Gosh, maybe we should just get used to the idea of being a puppet until we graduate, cuz god forbid I have the same AC again.
    Those God relationship questions made no sense at all!!!
    I have P.D. and its so frustrating i broke out in hives one day after reading her comments! it is crazy. HAHA I know I just pulled crap out of nowhere lol
  10. by   TxMonci
    Quote from chicagoRNlove
    Done. 56 pages.

    Now this ridiculous DB. Like they really care about our 2,5,&10 year goals.....
    Holy crap I'm screwed my Obj range from 16-26 pages every week. Did you just correct what was wrong and cut and past?
  11. by   chicagoRNlove
    Quote from TxMonci

    Holy crap I'm screwed my Obj range from 16-26 pages every week. Did you just correct what was wrong and cut and past?
    Here's my system for the summary:
    First, I copied and pasted the subjective, and then the objective.
    Second, I looked back thru my old assignments and saw where she took points off and made the corrections.
    Third, I opened up Common Errors and used it like a checklist to make sure I had all the bases covered. My thinking is that the coaches each have about 80-100students, and they won't read 56pages thoroughly, I think they put a filter on the document using Common Errors. So if the right sentence pops up, then we get the credit to satisfy the rubric.
    Fourth, I went back and proofed the whole thing (TOOK FOREVER! My own writing was boring me to death)
    Fifth, I minimized all the pages so I can look at the structure.

    Sooo I'll be honest, I stopped watching the videos after week one. But then last night I realized that the areas I got points taken off had the answers in the video. Ex: I<E, I>E, ATEPM.
    The book doesn't do as thorough of a job describing and explaining, as much as THEY would like us to do.
  12. by   middlesister
    So its tuesday morning 0830 and i have an email from my coach Miss Good Luck. It states, no let me copy and past what is states, cuz I'm a pro at those tasks......Happy Mardi Gras Day. Can you believe we are in week 5. I will be grading your assignments over the next couple of days. Please review these to make changes to your final APA formal paper. Also, please make sure you are aware of your final due dates on assignments.
    Perhaps my coach does not realize when the final paper is due. So if i'm lucky enough to get those assignments back by Thursday after noon, The final paper is due at 0800 friday. I have half a mind to email the professor!!!!
    Sorry for venting, but i'm a bit upset
  13. by   rosemrn
    I hope you guys reflect what a slack AC you have in the end of class evaluation so it will hopefully help others!!!!! I had miss "good luck" my first class. Thanks.