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I was just wondering has anyone been accepted into UTA online MSN in Administration? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Read More

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    That's what I said during that class and every class after it. All I can say is that hang in there. It will be tough but I'm sure you can make it. Just keep up with the reading. I'll be done with the program next month.
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    Congrats on making it through! Does it get any easier? I want to double up and take my electives with another class but I can barely handle one so I doubt I'll be able to handle two!
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    Some courses you can breeze through. But if if you are taking the nurse educator certificate, those 2 classes were really tough electives especially when I took 2 classes at a time. Keep up with the reading. Make sure you know your excel spreadsheet formulas.
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    How do the precepted and clinical courses work? I work full time so can I use my employment for that? Sorry to bombard you with questions but it's nice to speak with someone who's been through the program and understands what I'm going through.
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    There are only 2 courses that have preceptored hours which are roles of the administrator and the management seminar. If you live in the dallas area, I think they have contracts with local hospitals and they can find you a preceptor. But if you live outside of Texas like I do, I live in southern California. You are on your own. They want you to find 2 different preceptors with 2 different sites.
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    You cannot use your place of employment either.
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    Thanks for your help!
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    No problem
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    I am in this class now and it is hard !! I am wondering is the final hard I am panicking trying to study for it I have a 88.86 in the class with the final looming over my head as my final grade
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    Psychnursety. Which class are you in?
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    Hi, I have been accepted to UT Arlington's MSN administration program. All of the posts are making me quite nervous. Any new updates from anyone who has completed or is currently enrolled? I'm so nervous!
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    I completed the program August 2012. It just takes a lot of time writing research papers every week for 2 years. The opportunities it gave me after the program were endless.
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    I'm thinking about doing the UTA program starting in the Spring. Before I start this journey, is it truly worth it? I told my manager, who also mentors me, and they told me that having this degree wont necessarily mean I'll get into an administration position. I got the sense that she was trying to disuade me from pursuing this. What opportunities has it presented to you? Perhaps I'll have to go to another hospital.