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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. i will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012 deadline.... Read More

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    I live in Houston and ordered one of the books from the UTA Bookstore - it arrived in two days. The other I ordered on Amazon and it arrived in a couple of days, as well. I do not have prime membership. But I ordered my Patho book on Amazon at the same time, and it still hasn't arrived. It said is shipped out a week and a half ago. I hope it gets here soon. I love saving money on my text books, but I hate the feeling of not knowing if they will arrive in time. Has anyone taken Microbiology yet?

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    I am also quite confused with the Intro class. For some reason I can't even sign into Epic; it is the same login information right? It also says we have to turn in the attestation but I'm not sure who exactly my coach is or their email. I received a last name but not a first; there is only one listed with that last name so I sent that person an email, but of course there is not an email address showing up. After I sent the email, I received the email in my inbox; hopefully, it just sends me a copy. I was so hoping for smooth sailing so hopefully this is not indicative of things to come.
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    I have heard from several nurses at work who did this program that Intro is on blackboard! We shall see.... Ugh!!!
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    My login ID is the same for EPIC, but not the password. I have had to change my password a few times for BB bc it expired. My password for EPIC is still the original; it never expired.
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    Really?? Then why does the syllabus say EPIC? And why would the class module even be on BB? This is dumb. I'm going to try to figure it out tomorrow while my kids are at school. If I can't, I am going to email the prof.
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    I was just looking on the class lists and there are two people with first name that starts and ends with A and last name starts with P. I was also wondering if you had the email address for the coach; I can't find it.
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    How are we suppose to send this with no address? Hmmm. Interesting!
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    I received an email from our academic coach last night with her email address. Did you get it?
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    Ok, I just sent an email to our coach asking if we are to be using EPIC. I just logged into EPIC, and still do not see any information pertaining to this class. I believe it was either a typo, or they changed platforms. I'll let you know if I hear back from her.
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    Once I sent in the attestation, I was able to find everything on BB. My coach emailed this morning so I was able to get her email address. I will say it is quite a bit of work.

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