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Hi all! I applied to the online RN-BSN program at UTA for the Feb 25th start. I submitted my application last week (which has been received according to MyMav.) I mailed out my transcripts via certified mail and they arrived... Read More

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    MBrickle, I know what you mean about keeping track of class timelines! I am enrolled in two courses which start on 2/25, then two more courses which start on 3/29. Definitely going to have to stay on top of payment and enrollment deadlines. So far I haven't seen a 15 week course.

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    ooh thanks! Yikes...I don't think I took a U.S. History course in college...we shall see what they say...if I ever hear from them!

    It says that I have no pending applications on MyMav but it says that my application is received...hmm...not sure what this means. I sent my transcripts certified and they had to be signed for so I'm really hoping they haven't been misplaced...
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    I posted this under my other tab but Im hoping for a faster response here. "Does anyone know how the financial aid process works? Does it happen pretty swiftly post Fasfa? are they prompt/ Can I look fwd to loans being approved this close to the start date 2/25/13?????? My advisor called me the other day and said she was gonna email a link but I never received it. Advice is welcomed please. Thanks!"
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    I am actually curious to know the same. I haven't heard any information regarding my acceptance so I haven't begun the process yet. How long did it take you to hear back once you had submitted everything? I'm wondering if I should contact the enrollment specialist I had been dealing with prior to applying or not. I'm impatient :-)

    I would think fafsa would let you know if you qualify for aid or not and those payments are given out at certain points in the semester and can go towards tuition. The school is alerted to your financial aid award and they allow you to begin even though the money isn't given out until mid semester since they know you qualified for aid and usually the money can be given right to them. I will know more once I finally begin the process!

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