NURS 3352 Legacy of the Family Start Date 5/20/2013

  1. 0 Ordered book and relaxing with a week off before class starts. I enjoyed the discussion group that formed on this forum and hope others will join me for this class as well.
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    Hey, Laskydncr! I'm happy you started a forum for this class, I too will be a participant. Hopefully we can support each other throughout this course! Do you have any insight on this course already? Also I will be taking world literature...... if you have any advice.. I'm open ears! :-)
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    I will be joining the support here. I am registered for N3352 and N3325. Doubling up so I can graduate with my sister in May 2014.
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    I'll be done August 2, applying for graduation today.
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    Completed reading for first week. Arranging calendar with due dates. We have to watch a movie?
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    This reading seriously seems like it's dragging a bit... at least for me. I'm glad Mrs. Doubtfire is on the movie list
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    I watched "To Kill a Mockingbird," as I had never seen it before. Done - I'll write the assignment in the morning.
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    It seems like a lot of this assignment is based on chapters we haven't read yet. Kind of irritating.
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    Anyone take the quiz for week 2 yet?
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    Very pleased with grade from week 1 essay. Hope the next three weeks fly by.
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    Week 4 and beginning on family assessment due next week. Taking a breath - just want this done.
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    What book(s) do we need for Legacy of the Family? What is you overall rating for this class?
    I looked for the syllabus via UTA and it didnt pop up....i guess they havent uploaded the syllabus for that class....maybe???
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    I'm trying to decide between Legacy of the Family, Cooperative Nursing Work Experience, and Medical Terminology. Can anyone give me advice on any of the classes so I can try to compare?

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