N3645 Professional Nursing A&B Spring '13

  1. I'm currently enrolled in N3645 and would like to meet others who are taking the course as well. Hopefully this thread can be of help for those in the course as well as informative for those looking to take the course in the future.

    I never written in APA and I'm currently working on week 2's assignment. Would anyone know if we're allowed to use first person in our paper? In one of the slides it states to use third person for APA papers. Also, are we required to have an abstract for our first paper?
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  3. by   amyrnfa
    RNin,You may write in first person for your paper. Good Luck!
  4. by   maryw1961
    I just finished my BSN with UTA. Seldom will your papers require an abstract. In professional nursing I called the coach alot and she was always pleasant and helpful. I was totally confused especially about APA until I talked to her. I think the philosophy paper in professional nursing B did have an abstract. You will need the university required cover page it should be in the APA book you were required to purchase and in the resources of the course and the library has an example. Set a templete up because every course will require a cover page at least once.
  5. by   RNin
    Thank you for your helpful information and advice. I have created a template for APA and looking to begin my personal philosophy of nursing.
  6. by   spurs50
    Are the quizzes from the weekly readings? Almost done with this class but not doing well on the quizzes.