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N3335 Health Promotion Across the Lifespan RN-BSN)

  1. 0 Hi all!

    For those of you who have taken or someone who has taken Health Promotion, other than the reports on the book and two movies, are there any other assignments?

    Thank you so much for your help!
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    Assignments are fairly easy and do not have the weight that the tests or DB have. They take off many points for incorrect APA format on discussion posts, just make sure they are right. Good luck!
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    Does any one by chance have a copy of the syllabus for this course?
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    This is the best and easiest class of the program. Unless ur taking a bunch of other classes with it, the assignments are pretty enjoyable and motivational towards healthy living.
    The quizzes are really easy as well, comes from the reading. For the first quiz, make sure u watch the freedom writers movie. All the assignments are also straight forward. You just have to be honest with ur health goals. They don't all have to be about exercise, u can choose to sleep more or meditation. It's a really good class.
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    Thanks for the info!! I need a break after vulnerable!
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    This class isn't bad at all. I took it with Holistic Health Assessment and had no problems with it.
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    What book(s) do we need for Legacy of the Family? What is you overall rating for this class?
    I looked for the syllabus via UTA and it didnt pop up....i guess they havent uploaded the syllabus for that class....maybe???
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    Ignore the above....wrong thread. WOMP WOMP
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    Hello ChicagoRNlove,

    Please, do you know how questions are on the quiz and how much time is allotted to complete?

    Thanks in advance for response.