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Hello! So im graduating with my ADN in less than a week and i am already looking into BSN programs... Does anyone have the actual program schedule? How do they do thier classes? How many prereqs... Read More

  1. by   Binaxoxo
    I am a student of UTA and am enrolled with the RN-BSN program. I am happy with the program. It is challenging, but well worth it. The months go so fast, you will finish before you know it!

    Good Luck!
  2. by   koolestkat
    By prereq are you talking about the A&P, micro, History classes?
  3. by   koolestkat
    I have an ADN and quite a few classes that I want to transfer in (lit classes for example). Would you say they are good about giving credit for classes from other universities? And, what about stats and algebra, did you take it there? How hard? Math is not my thing. I'm willing to do the work....
  4. by   practiceRN
    I'm finishing up part B of Introduction to Professional Nursing; I have completed Part A and technical writing. I can say that I have learned a lot, however its been a struggle. I've taken an online course before, but it was with the college I was attending and a completely different atmosphere. I will not continue with University of Texas at Arlington.

    There is little to no help it you don't understand something, absolutely no say in who your academic coach is, no one to call if you need to confirm that you have done the assignment correct and if the academic coach is new to the program, good luck with the technical stuff cause even though you call support to help her she may not get it...how not to delete an entire discussion group, then grade you on not participating after she deleted it and you have no proof except for the 5 individual who did the work on time. I was belittled by my coach, wrote to the professor and never received a reply (no way to call, that's only for non-online students ). Not worth the frustration IMO. Another highlight is that it talks heavily about Texas nursing laws so if you are in Texas its helpful.
  5. by   SCSTxRN
    They transferred in courses that I didn't think were equivalent - but then kind of screwed me on an upper division nursing elective. Got it straightened out, though - eventually.
  6. by   Binaxoxo
    Has any of you taken microbiology? How is the class? I want to know your opinion of the class and the workload. How the final is, etc.
  7. by   OCteleRN

    I just registered for the writting technical class that starts in Nov. would it be difficult to also take Professional Nursing A while working full time 4 days 12hr shifts? I have never taken online classes before. THANKS! FOR YOUR HELP
  8. by   Swilson70
    OC, I took them both together and it was do-able. I guess my question to you would be when are you working those 4 12-hour shifts? If they are M-Th then I would prolly not take 2 together, or you will be in for some late nights because the assignments, postings, etc. are usually due by Th or Fri...if you work later in the week then you can devote at least 1 full day to class work and do 2 classes together. I worked from Wednesday thru Saturday or Sunday and was able to devote Monday and Tuesday to school and it worked out just fine. Hope this helps and good luck to you! This program is time consuming and hectic at times, but what's new...nursing school was worse than this and we made it thru that!!!