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Leadership and Assessment together?

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    I am currently signed up for Assessment (starting 9/23) and am considering signing up for Leadership as well. Is this doable? I haven't heard/seen much of leadership on this board so I'm assuming it may be an easier course? I have doubled or tripled up the whole way but heard this class was labor-intensive. I will also be leaving for vacation on 10/18 so is leadership a course I can get a week ahead in? At least as far as the assignment (DB and Quiz I could muster while on vacation).

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    I believe those two are doable if you have double up in the past. Leadership is pretty easy...google the syllabus it does have a budget section that can be time consuming. You will need as much of your time for assessment. Quizzes are essay format but easy if you are a good writer.
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    I think that if you were comfortable doubling and tripling during the rest of the courses, know that it won't be a walk in the park, but that it is possible, IF you have a lot of time on your hands for paper writing. I am taking Leadership and Health Promotion together in the next 5-week session...with HIST and MATH overlapping...I'm thinking I am going to be busy, but mostly with the math....

    For Assessment, I did all of the quizzes the first week, as I usually do for most of the courses. I didn't find them that difficult. The papers were very lengthy, and you need some equipment that you might not otherwise have. I generally write the papers as I have time, and that way, I usually only have the DB to keep up with on a regular basis. Good luck!!!