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How long until program acceptance?

  1. 0 I applied for the Feb 25th start and haven't heard anything yet. About how long did it take you to hear? Just getting antsy as my husband and I have a few financial decisions on hold until we know if we have to pay for school or not!
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    It's been a few days now, but have you heard anything? If not, I would get on the phone with your enrollment specialist and find out what's going on. I have heard of people who didn't get officially admitted until the week before classes started
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    That's exactly what I did! My enrollment specialist said that people would get admitted up until February 18th. I told him I had several financial decisions on hold pending whether or not I got accepted and he said he would chat with admissions.

    Lo and behold, I received an email stating they had my transfer sheet ready, and then another email sent about an hour later saying my application is complete and I just need to await whether I was admitted or not. Then, I looked at my transcript from UTA and they have me listed as an active student get I haven't officially received any information about that in my student email account yet.

    However, seeing my old college transcript made me realize how mediocre I was at college the first time around (several C's and even an F from withdrawing from a course too late!) my nursing grades were much better...when do we find out what our calculated GPA from UTA will be?

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