Has anyone been kicked out of the UTA Online AP BSN Program?

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone or someone one knows that has been kicked out of the UT Arlington academic partnership online nursing program? I heard this program was extremely vigorour and difficult due to the amount of courseworkbeing given. I am interested in applying to the program but am a little scared.

    What would happen if one does fail a nursing program? I've always been wondering what would happen to them after being expelled. Any information being provided would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I don't know of anyone who failed out of UTA, but I do know people who failed out of nursing school

    If you are pre-licensure, you would need to enroll in another nursing school if you wished to continue...and given that a lot of nursing schools will not accept someone who failed out one school already, that won't be easy.

    If you are already a LVN or RN and fail out of a BSN bridge program, you are still a LVN or RN: failing by itself doesn't take that away from you (if you failed out due to academic dishonesty, that's a whole other kettle of fish). But if you still wished to pursue the BSN, you would need to find another school, and then you encounter the same problem of nursing programs not looking fondly on those who failed out of previous programs.

    So if at all possible, don't fail out. If you are struggling, seek help from your academic coach or advisor ASAP.