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ENG 1302 book question...

  1. 0 Hi everybody! Quick question, for those of you who took ENG 1301 and 1302 with UTA, did you have to use the required UTA version of this book? I'd rather not pay $175 when I can rent a different version for thirty-something bucks! http://www.amazon.com/Perspectives-A...es+on+argument
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    Hi NurseErin, what did you end up doing? I'm about to start that class and I hate how much the book costs. $180!!!
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    I was just coming to post the same question. What makes it unique to UTA? Is the regular version the same? $180 is painful!
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    I used an older version of "Perspectives..." when I took it last spring. It was a little confusion 3-4 times because the instructor referenced page numbers that did not correlate, but when thinking about the topic in context, I found all the material I needed for the class by using the index and chapter titles. The "They Say, I Say" book was used much more and is a great little book.
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    Hi RunHeatherRun!
    I tried to reply to your message but I guess I need to initiate 15 posts before they let me reply. I've only initiated one! Need to get busy on posting so I can reply to PM. It seems like we're taking similar classes to start. How cool!! I went ahead and got the books for ENGL1302 (ouch!!!!), but will get the others through amazon.