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Cooperative nursing

  1. 0 I am taking cooperative nursing for my elective, instead of medical terminology, anyone else taking this?
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    Hi, there is another thread talking about this class, check "Nursing Electives".
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    IMO, you (general) pick up so much medical terminology just from work that it seems kind of pointless to take a class for it. So it makes sense to take a different class and get a new experience.

    That being said, because of our jobs, medical terminology could be an easy A/B...which depending on your overall GPA, you may want or need.

    I think either class is a good choice. Best of luck with whichever one you go with.
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    When are you taking it? I would really like to hear from people who have taken this course. I am going to start legacy 5/20 but I am thinking I might like to cooperative more than med term.
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    I am in cooperative nursing 2, anyone else? We have to do a power point presentation and this is new to me!
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    I am taking this class later this month. How was it?
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    Quote from Neonursej
    I am in cooperative nursing 2, anyone else? We have to do a power point presentation and this is new to me!
    Have you considered getting a certification instead? Most of the people I know get their CCRN, but they accept other certs for those who don't work critical care.

    The cost is actually less to get a cert (or it was for me), plus the cert will look great on your resume.
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    I plan to do this but this is my last class before capstone so I am just looking to finish at this point. Then I will focus on my CCRN

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