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Hi everyone! In a few weeks I start my last nursing class of the UTA online RN-BSN AP program. Has anyone taken the Capstone course? I am nervous because I am having to take it with TX Govt at the same time and I am hoping it... Read More

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    Quote from vle4
    Can you take Capstone with a General Ed class? When i first receive my course map for the program, it said: All nursing courses and general ed classes must be taken before Capstone and Capstone must be the last course taken. I was hoping to take it together with Govt since the dates will overlap each other so that i can finish the program by the end of fall 2012.
    We had better be...they messed up my course map and I didn't find out until a few weeks ago I was missing a Gen. Ed. So I'm taking it this summer the same time as Capstone.
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    You can take the Capstone with another general course according to my course map. You cannot take it with another nursing course including the nursing elective as it has to be the last nursing course you take. I am so glad I found this site now that I am starting my first course. It has saved me a lot of heartache :-}