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Has anybody else noticed that many courses are not available until February 25, 2012? I have only three courses left to complete until graduation, Nursing Research, Care of the Older Adult, and the Capstone course. However,... Read More

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    Holistic Care of Older Adult is somewhat similar to Health Promotion across the Lifespan. About the same work load as that course. Pretty simple and straightforward. I have Leadership & Management in April, cannot take Research in February because I will not be finished with Stats that starts in January. Wish they would offer all classes, like the general ed stuff, each 5 weeks.

    Health Assessment is not a hard course, just very time consuming. It is extremely detailed and you will see everything you just did in Med Term.

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    I noticed the late start to the classes too, and I'm also frustrated that they can't over every (or at least most) classes every 5 weeks like they do Capstone.

    I'm also waiting on three more classes (Vulnerable Populations, Research and Capstone) and had been hoping to finish up by May...but given that plus some real-life events I'll be dealing with, I've reconciled myself to a July completion date. Oh well.
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    Hi Amy,

    good to hear from you. After holistic ended, I still had Med Term and US Gov the following week to complete, but those are finally over now. Feels strange (but good) to have a little reprieve from school. I guess you only had papers to complete for Brit Lit w/o any final exam. I think you had much more to do than I did during the last 8-week segment.

    So, yeah, I'm taking Assessment in Jan as you know. I'll probably be asking you questions along the way. I'll PM you, if that's ok.

    I was hoping we would be taking the same classes after that, but unless they offer more classes, I don't think we will be. I think you still need Research, Leadership, Vulnerable, and Capstone, is that correct? And, both Hist I and II? I need Hist II only. I've heard that is a lot of work, so I'm not sure when to fit that in.

    Hope you are having a relaxing break. Send me a PM when you can.

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