You Don't Belong Here (a nursing ghost story) - page 3

The ringing phone cuts through a restless slumber. I had been having strange, distressing dreams—the kind where you wake up without remembering specifics, but you just know you were having a nightmare. I shoot up at the shrill... Read More

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    Great read!

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    @tnbutterfly: that's so cool! thanks a bunch!!!

    I really appreciate the kind words! Very glad I could provide some autumn spookiness to you all!
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    You really creeped me out. Good job
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    Loved this, saw it on the Facebook page along with a very cool picture. Thanks for the chills!
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    That was great, I love scary stories. I felt like I was running down those stairs, lol. Again great story.
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    Spending eternity on an understaffed med-surg floor... definitely hell
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    You are a great writer!!!
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    This story gave me chills... absolutely loved it!!!
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    This story gave me chills... absolutely loved it!!!
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    Oh this is a GREAT STORY!! LOL, I probably shouldn't have read it at 4am alone in my kitchen, looking up travel nursing!! 8-O

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