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I am a new traveler and was curious if others found this to be a problem. I phone interviewed with the critical care manager and was told that I was going to be in CCU or other critical care area as per my speciality. After... Read More

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    Always remember to sign for just 3 months you call handle anything, and make sure it's in your contract not to float although if your not willing to float you might not get the job. I was also promised ER and I've been stuck up on a surgical floor and they need the help so bad there's no way Im getting back in the ER and I hate it, but you live and learn and I only have 6 wks left and it was verbal not in writting so learn from my experience.

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    Your right PJH, I also have only 6 wks left on my assignment. I have a new company and have the new contract with specifics written on paper. I will never go to somewhere without eveything spelled out. Good luck and remember one or two bad assignments can't break our spirits.
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    Has any one taken an assignment in DElaware? I bought a house there 9 miles from the beach Hoping to turn it into The Nightingale Rose Bed &Breakfast. so all you burned out nurses have a place to go and crash. Then you might remember why you wanted to be a nurse in the first placeIn the meantime I need a place to put afew shifts in I will be commuting from cal I am a critical care nurse.
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    You might want to mention to the employer that "mislead" you on the floating that when fellow traveling RNs ask how the assignmment went; you wouldn't recommend any RN accept an assignment at that institution until they change their level of integrity.
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    Wow. Never been in Delaware, but I would come to your bed and breakfast.
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    It is awful that this happens but it does. I too was promised something and when I got to my assignment I never got it. I have also learned a valuable lesson.:imbar ALWAYS GET IT IN WRITING!

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