What specialities do nurses do while traveling? What specialities do nurses do while traveling? | allnurses

What specialities do nurses do while traveling?

  1. 0 Im new to nursing(noob), starting my program in January. I was curious what are some high demand specialities when it comes to travel nursing? I am not sure what kind I will go into, but I want to travel for sure and be a vauable asset where ever I would go
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    Might I suggest that you read a few threads here first? This question get asked a lot. You at least 3 years away from needing to make any decision and you may fall in love with a practice area first. That is where you should be. If not, at least you will have a more focused question. Open ended questions when you don't even know what to ask are a waste of your time and ours.
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    Cool, maybe I will need some of your advice in the future!
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    The "hot" specialties right now seem to be L&D, ER, and OR. Of course, by time you finish school & get a few years experience that could all change. It's important to find an area of nursing that you really love and that can take some time.

    These boards are a wealth of information (along with a few other places on the web you can google about travel nursing) so read past threads and learn as much as you can. I think a lot of us have been guilty of asking questions before doing a little more research! Oh well. ;-)

    Good luck in school!! Work hard and keep striving toward your goal of travel nursing.

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