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Wondering if anyone can tell me what the going rate is for Traveling Nurses - Oncology? and Infusion? I have an opportunity for travel and I want to make sure it's enough money for being an RN with Oncology Certification. I... Read More

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    Yes, I am a travel nurse - for 7 1/2 yrs. now steadily.
    I'm not looking for arguments and am truly glad for those who get what they want from traveling, whether it be the maximum money, the locations, experience, or whatever needs they have.
    I was simply stating a point of view, that while it may be different from yours, is equally valid. And no, I don't see myself as undermining anyone.
    I don't want to see this turn into anything more heated than an exchange of ideas, so lets leave it here or continue in pm's if you really want any more opinion from me.:kiss

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    Nope I'm all set...Thanks...


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