Traveling couple need assignment!!

  1. 1 My husband and I are both RN's. I have traveled some in past but my husband has only did some per Diem travel so far. Our youngest child just left home for college. Freedom! We are wanting to travel as a team and share housing cost etc. Hoping to keep close to our eastern Oklahoma home not more than a half day drive away if possible. (Maybe a state or two away.) However our agency seems to be having trouble locating contract assignments for us. We understand that we probably will have to work separate floors or even different shifts but it has been 2 months and nothing yet! Any suggestions for agency or idea on what to request of our recruiter?

    Thank You!
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    Start talking to a number of agencies. One small one will never do. The larger agencies are more likely to have the big hospitals with assignments for both of you. They may also be able to place you at different hospitals in the same city.

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