Travelers from SD????

  1. I am looking for travelers who are from SD and are willing to be interviewed for an article about travelers in the Rapid City Journal.

    RCJ had an article Mon 1/19/2004 concerning Rapid City Regional Hospital and their cost saving measures to stay afloat. There was also a mention about NEEDING to have "travelers" at the facility, at a LARGE cost to the hospital.

    I took offense to the negative implications of travelers in the hospital, that I contacted the author of the article. He is thinking about doing an article on travelers, with input from "local" travelers.

    If you are interested in being interviewed, please email me at Put RCR, or newspaper article in the subject line so I do not delete it. I am presently a traveler on assignment in Lebanon, NH, but my home is Lead, SD.

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  3. by   catlover314
    Have been looking for the article you mention and cannot find...can you tell me which section of the paper it was in or the writer's name? Thanks.
  4. by   rncopper
    The article is in the Jan 19, 2004 edition. Bill Cissell was the author. Of course, I get it online, so I am not sure which section.

    If you look for it online, you have to go to the archives. The headline was about Rapid City Regional Hospital. Something like: Hospital uses..........

    Not really sure exactly the title. The references to travelers is in the middle of the article, after the references to the new MRI and 2 cath labs.
  5. by   catlover314