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Travel Reimbursements - page 2

Ok with Diesel over $4.00 a gallon and gasoline nearing $3.50, will there be a change in the amount offered for travel??????? I was shocked last year when I was told that I would be given $600.00 for... Read More

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    I agree that the travel reimbursement should be more witht he gas prices going up.....absolutely! However the last 2 (and only 2 so far) reimbursements have covered my costs for fuel....and then had some left over. I keep the receipts just to know how much I spend and then compare it to what I am reimbursed for. I realize that the diesel is a different issue-I hope you are able to get more!
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    Hey there, RNERHOUSESUPOR,

    I am an ER nurse in Boca for the last 6 years now. Am going to start traveling, hopefully in June. If you are still in S FL, I would like to meet you and hear more about traveling in general, and traveling in an RV, especially. I am not sure I could arrange that yet, but it surely sounds enticing. Hope you are enjoying FL.
    Thanks, Kim
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    Sure, let me know when and where. Sent a pm with my current schedule