Travel Nursing in Chicago and Minneapolis

  1. Hey All,

    I'm a travel nurse finishing up an assignment in San Diego beginning of April. I really want to go to Chicago for a travel assignment, but have heard that there really aren't travel jobs there. I was going to get my IL license anyway, just in case, but it's a huge hassle and I'm wondering if it's even worth it? Is there any chance of me getting an assignment there? If so, what agencies?
    If Chicago doesn't work out, I want to go to Minneapolis. I heard their license process is much easier and quicker. Are there travel jobs there and what agencies would be the best?

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  3. by   mveldma3
    I worked in Minneapolis for the past 4 years before taking off for my first travel assignment in January. Most of the hospitals in Mpls are union and don't see a ton of turnover, but I think like anywhere it can be hit and miss. I worked with a staffing/travel agency and did some per diem work when I was there...Favorite Healthcare Staffing is the name of the company. Minneapolis is a great place in the summer if you don't mind humidity...people are always out enjoying the weather, lakes, baseball games, etc because the winters can be so long! Good luck!
  4. by   ChiBearsGirl
    I was also going to suggest Favorite Staffing for IL. They do have travel assignments in Chicago. I have not traveled with them but I know people who did and enjoyed their experience. My friend is travelling with them right now in Atlanta and she said the Favorite staff out there surprised her one day by bringing her lunch. Her pay rate is pretty good too.
  5. by   Cali
    I lived in Chicago for 3 years. Right before I moved there, I was looking for a travel assignment but there's not alot out there. I've been told that most hospitals just use agency nurses and the local nurses do contracts through their agency. I was an agency nurse and I did a few local contracts while I lived there. I did meet 2 travel nurses at Mercy Hospital, not sure who they were traveling with though. Travel work is there, just not much.