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  1. 1 I am looking into starting a career in travel nursing, any advice?
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    Quote from ElizabethPetty
    I am looking into starting a career in travel nursing, any advice?
    Check out the travel nursing forum under nursing specialties. There are several travel nurses that post frequently there.
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    I don't know how much experience you have, so I'll just throw this out there anyway. One thing you should know about travel nursing: almost no agency will accept a new grad. That's because the agency expects you to already know your stuff as a nurse--they're not going to offer you Nursing 101. The facilities that you get sent to feel the same way: you may only get a day or two of orientation, and that orientation will be more of "here's where everything is and how we do things here" and not a new grad preceptorship. After that orientation, they expect you to hit the ground running and function independently.

    For those same reasons, don't expect to use travel nursing to make a drastic switch in specialties (e.g., going from Ortho to L&D). You will need experience in the nursing specialty that you plan to do travel work in.

    It's possible there may be travel agencies willing to train you in a certain specialty...I haven't seen them myself, but that doesn't mean they couldn't exist.