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  1. Hello all, I am considering an assignment at John Hopkin's in Baltimore on the Oncology unit. Just want to hear first hand from previous travel nurses who have been there. I tried researching but most of the forums are from 3 plus years ago. Just wondering how is the hospital, is it traveler friendly, and what about living. More than likely I will take company housing but I know as in any city there is crime in Baltimore. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   klsees57
    I worked JHB in the ED a couple of assignments ago. Great place to work. However, we were always getting email alerts re: safety at the main campus ( which was only approx 1 mile away) Main campus is in a VERY,VERY rough part of town. Most of my travel pals were housed at a really nice, upscale place in Inner Harbor. Never had trouble with staying there. Just have to have good street sense. If you're used to bigger cities. I would take the job. JH looks great on the resume.
  4. by   jskgx2
    Thanks so much for your response :-)
  5. by   NedRN
    Johns Hopkins staff has a local reputation as being snooty (I trained across town at University of Maryland). I've done a couple of assignments there in the new and old operating rooms and did not find it so. Of course, as an open heart nurse, perhaps I just fit in!

    Just as an FYI, they have a heavy contingent of nurses recruited from overseas for long term contracts. I don't know if that affects the working conditions, but I have seen it affected at other hospitals. Also, staff nurses historically have been paid less than other area hospitals - for the privilege of working at Hopkins. That might also affect morale, but I didn't notice anything untoward. Normal teaching hospital.
  6. by   KutaRN
    What travel company are you using
  7. by   NedRN
    I used PHP for one of my assignments, probably First Assist for the other one.