RV travel????

  1. How is it traveling in a Rv?
    We plan on this when the youngest is out of school
    Probably about 6 yrs.
    We prefer to do this than the housing.
    Any horror stories
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  3. by   ernurse2244
    I LOVE traveling in an RV. My sister and I bought our first one last year. Since we didn't know how we were going to like it, we bought a very old used one that didn't cost alot. When you are on the road in a fixer-upper you learn alot fast about things like generators and pumps that you haven't lived with before. Despite a sharp learning curve, no real horror stories. About the worst was on our first trip out in August, hot weather. I had worked the night before so was going to sleep in the over-the-cab bed for the first leg of the trip. No matter what we did the ac wouldn't turn on. Generator was running fine but the ac was totally silent. I was dying, could sleep for the heat. Finally pulled in an RV park and asked if they could help us figure out what was happening. The lady walked straight back to the little door housing the electrical cords, took the cord coiled up inside and plugged it into the generator outlet...ac worked fine once it had power. We had a good laugh...remember to plug your rv in.

    We are now saving for a nicer model in the future, but really love this rv. We call her Freckles because over the years she has taken alot of hits and the little specks on her front side (which I thought were squashed bugs) are permanent freckles. We love her layout so will probably eek her out as long as possible. I have learned to fiddle with stuff before taking her into the RV fixit person and have become pretty good.

    Things I love: being able to go to the bathroom (we are older ladies) while going down the road. Being able to ask a passenger to fix you a cup of coffee or soda. Pulling over just about anywhere, anytime and fix a meal. Not having to have reservations if you are traveling on a holiday weekend. No RV park, no problem, Flying J truck stops and most Walmarts will let you park overnight. Most RV's are self contained so no hook-ups, no problem. I have a dog that hates to travel in a car, barks her fool head off with every breath she draws. In the RV, we put up a little gate to keep her in the kitchen...she jumps into her bed and sleeps the whole way, not a peep from her.

    Although global warming has all but eliminated the snow storms we used to have years ago, I still keep Freckles tanks topped off in the winter. Loss of power is no problem...will just move into her. She has a good furnace, gas stove, lights and pump operate off of the batteries so no need to run the generator all the time, just long enough to keep the batteries charged.

    The really nice part about traveling with kids in the RV is the TV/VCR which can help keep them entertained while on the road. Every pit stop, can let them out of their car seats and they can run around inside. Also nice with them not having to try and find a decent bathroom...just pull over for a quick stop.

    Good luck and have fun!!!
  4. by   RN Zeke
    Rv Is the only way to go!! Pack once and away you go with all the conveniences of home. Check the rv park situation ahead for things such as the size of the rv spots, phone hook up for the computer, how busy the traffic is around the park and what the park has to offer. Remember check more than one. One space in Eukiah Ca. was so small the awning couldn't be fully extended and that is very cramped. Things to consider are, how far you will be traveling, gas mileage, how well can I trouble shoot, repair and keep the rv running. RV repair shops are very expensive. One fellow stepped inside my rv and charged me $75.00, so be ware of the price scams. Know the dump station and water fill stations and what they charge, if they charge if at all. Rv life is great!!! Have fun!!
  5. by   RN-BamaStudent
    Could you tell me how the pay works if you aren't needing assistance with housing and you are traveling in an RV? Do you get a certain amount toward housing anyway? I know I have to put my year in, but my husband and I want to travel and want to buy an RV. Thanks for any input.