Road trip from FL to AK for my first travel assignment... have questions.

  1. Hey all, I'm a seasoned traveler, but not when it comes to travel nursing I have no qualms or worries about the long road trip ahead, just super excited. The only thing I'm having trouble with are decisions like:
    * Do I road trip it with my cat, Kona? (it'll be an amazing journey, but kind of unfair to him being locked up for a few weeks in such a small space)
    * Do I fly up (much cheaper, but no vehicle while in Anchorage) with him under my seat for only a few hrs and miss out on the epic journey I could've taken if I weren't concerned for him? (I love him to death, had him since he was 4 wks old, covered in fleas with a big belly full of worms lol).
    * There's a seasonally expensive ferry I can take from WA to AK but it'd be financially smarter to drive up the Stewart-Cassiar Hwy during late May (mild weather) and take the ferry back during Sept (lower prices)- I'd love to camp it on the way up but A.) NOT ALONE and B.) A LITTLE NERVOUS about BEARS, considering FL camping hasn't really given me the experience I'd like to be prepared for them and what about KONA? Is he potential food?!
    * Is there ANYBODY out there that is going to AK for work this summer that wants to share the journey part of the way?
    * ANY additional information at ALL about travel nursing in Alaska is very welcome, PM or public, I love hearing people's opinions and personal experiences... it's vey helpful, although I may not agree with it, it's always worth hearing about! Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   nureli
    The ferry in the Summer is a really nice way to go. Gives you a 3 day breske from driving while still moving, also kinda like a camping trip AK cruise. We took the ferry on our way to AK but it was Jan. I've heard from others you can pitch a tent right in the roof of the boat. Animals have to stay below deck the whole trip. If you choose the ferry you will still get to drive part of the Alaska-Seward highway from Haynes junction To Anchorage. You will still have to pass through customs and you cat will need a health certificate from the vet that us less than 30 days old. The rules to get through are pretty strict make sure you read them you can bring firearms through but its a HUGE pain! I didn't tent camp in AK b/c bears but people do it all the time. I'm more of the TV type.
  4. by   nureli
    Sorry for being able to remember all your questions for one response. We drove with our 2 cats it took us a total of 10 days in the winter from NC that includes the 3 days on the ferry. By the way if you choose the ferry option bring some basic food for like breakfast and lunch and then eat s hot meal for dinner the food was expensive for cereal but I don't remember it being to bad for hot items. We put a med dog kennel with a small litter box and Hung a giant hamster water bottle on the side for our cats. And then covered them with a blanket and used ace from the vet for the 1st day and they were fine after that. Getting hotels along the way was a little more difficult b/c of them. The kennel and blanket also for the ferry. You can either leave you animals in you car or there is a designated area for kennels.
  5. by   nureli
    My experience with travelers to AK if they flew they were given s rental car. ( I left AK in June 2009 things may have changed) I would also recommend not signing any leases until you get there and see the place. There are Several sketchy parts, you may be able to go work a few shifts and find a fellow traveler roommate.
    If you like to hike there are lots of trails all around Anchorage (Flat top is very popular) and 100's more an hour or less away. Plenty to do in the summer peak of tourism.