questions for travelers

  1. I have some curiosity about traveling...

    How long have you been a travel/how many contracts have you taken?

    How do you decide where to go, what's important when picking a location? What things do you require from a location?

    Have you been anywhere you wished you hadnt gone to, or someplace that was horrible and why?

    A lot of questions I know, but any input on any topic is appreciated!
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  3. by   miam
    i have a feeling that as many travel nurses you talked to you would get that many different answers. Everyone loves or likes different locations but i find that it is seldom for the same reasons. I think that is why nurses find they either love traveling or they dont, because it is such an individual experience every time out. And you def find that you have to go to each location with a "find out for yourself mentality", because it will almost always be different from what you may have heard. That is not to say don't do you're research, but do go in with an open mind.