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Prepping for Future travels ...

  1. 0 Hello. I'm a nurse of four years & my goal for the future is to do travel nursing. My plan is to collect a few certifications which I understand is more helpful than a BSN(although I have that too). If this is true, how so? I currently have my TNCC & I'm working on my CCRN. Also, what advise can the travel community give to help my prepare for this future endeavor?
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    What is your specialty? CCRN and TNCC are not usually done together that I can think of.
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    Hello NedRN. I work in a surgical/trauma ICU & TNCC is a requirement for the trauma side of my department.
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    Besides the BLS/ACLS you already have and the CCRN you are getting, I can't think of anything else you will find helpful. Perhaps some medical ICU experience.
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    I work in a Level One, 950 bed hospital in a 29 bed unit. We get a little of everything in the STICU; whether we want it or not! LoL