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My recruiter just called me and told me that if I don't accept his first assignment for me and show up for work next week, that I will be blacklisted in the State where I am suppose to go and that I will never be able to work in... Read More

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    I think he's a BS'er. Just say you are terribly sorry but you won't be able to take the assignment.

    Do NOT go to his bosses. Where do you think he learned to lie and bully? He probably works on commission and doesn't give a damn about you or any other nurse, as long as he gets his percentage. And his bosses are just like him, I'd guess.

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    They're interested alright. They want him to bluster and bully and bluff. They make money when YOU work. HE is supposed to get you to work. Get it?
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    Quote from docpsychrn
    I told him that I could not make it there in his time frame because I don't have my requirements met ie physical etc. He said he could get me through without all that.
    Wait...WHAT?! So he's telling you that you have to accept the job or you'll be open to retaliation by the entire state, and in the very next breath he's telling you that he'll be your bestest buddy by slipping you right through all that silly new employee paperwork? Interesting!

    I would keep all emails and anything else you've received from the agency (as well as a list of what you should have received from them...) Then, send a nice "thanks but no thanks" note and start filling out applications.
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    I just wanted to share with you all that this recruiter kept e-mailing and calling and I sent him a very stern e-mail telling him to stop contacting me! I even gave him the excuse that I had taken another assignment with a different company (I hadnt). He sent one more e-mail stating "When did you plan on telling me this?" and I haven't heard from him again!! YAY!!! I am so glad that's over!! But here's the kicker...I got an awesome job in Springfield MO and I am so looking forward to working there! My extended family is all around that area and this allows me to be close to my daughters as well as my other family!! So, things were looking bad and now they are looking good! Thanks for all your advice and direction in my questions!!! You all are the BEST!!!
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    Good Luck!

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