Pay based on experience??

  1. hi I have a question...most companies have told me regardless of how many yrs experience i have..aslong as i meet the requirements for yrs of experience i get the same pay as any other traveler in my speciality....but a few companies have told me that i will have to settle for less pay because i dont have lots of experience...

    is this fair? i mean i am going to be given the same exact amount of orientation as a traveler with 20 yrs experience so how can they pay me less? I thought the pay was suppose to be equal? any advice anyone??

    I obviously will want to go with an agency that will pay all travelers the same but I want to know if i am wrong in thinking i should get the same pay as another traveler with more experience? i always thought that was how traveling worked.....
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  3. by   ERRNTraveler
    In travel nursing, like ANY job, your pay is definitely based on experience. If you have more experience, generally you will be paid more, because you bring a broader knowledge base to the job. How is this NOT fair??? When I have 20+ years of experience, I had BETTER be making more than I make now!