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  1. Hello all I am new to this site, I am interested in traveling. I have one year medical surgical and three years oncology background. I work mainly in outpatient facilities, We give everything from chemo to blood transfusions, Iv therapy and other treatments to oncology patients daily. I am OCN and was wondering if these type of positions are available in the travel nurse world. I am willing to work floor nursing but Id rather outpatient/ambulatory. LOL, someone please HELPPPPPPPPPPP lol
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  3. by   cmimmel
    Oh my gosh, there is another one of us out there! I thought I was the only outpatient oncology/infusion nurse!!!! I've been traveling for a year, there are jobs out there for someone with your background, but you have to be flexible. If you were an ER nurse, you could pick any state pretty much and find a positions, but for outpatient positions, there are fewer options. Having your OCN is a plus for sure, some require it. Make sure you find suitable travel companies that staff your specialty, there are a couple that have more of these types of positions, I have found. Also, there are certain states where these assignments come up more often. California, Texas, Washington, Michigan, and Mass are a few. The nice thing about contracting in an outpatient position, there is no on-call, no floating (usually), so it makes it much more reassuring going into a contract.
    OMG thanks so much for responding. Yes I do have my OCN and I have been working outpatient oncology at a top cancer hospital for over 3 years. I have a wonderful staff position but this is something that I really want to explore. I do not think I will be truly happy until I at least give it a try. I am just so afraid that the positions will not be available and I will be stuck without work. If possible could you message me a few companies. I am hoping to start around june. Trying to save more money just in case job options are few. I would really like to travel to California, New York, Mass, and DC area, but I am open to trying whatever is available. Again thanks for responding.
  5. by   RNewbie
    I've seen outpatient onc positions with american mobile. I'm not sure if the positions are plentiful in that specialty tho. I've also heard that American mobile pays low but has plenty of positions everywhere.
  6. by   cmimmel

    I can't send PM on here yet, have to have so many posts I guess!

    I traveled exclusively with Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group last year and loved them. I have also been working with Travel Nurse Across America, Medical Solutions, and Cross Country. Core Medical Group always seems to have quite a few positions on their job board, but I haven't dealt with anyone from the company yet. If I could PM I would give you the name of my recruiters, because they are all pretty great!

    I felt the same way when I decided to travel. I knew if I didn't at least attempt it, I would always wonder if it would have been great. I can almost guarentee you that even if you only take one assignment, you won't regret the experience. I only traveled to one hospital last year, for seven months, and came away with life long friends. I am now grounded from traveling related to an old back injury, but am praying that I can hit the road again soon. Finally found something I really love!
  7. by   cmimmel
    Oh, I forgot to mention, if you can, stay on-call or per diem at your old job. That's what I did and it takes the pressure off between assignments. I just pick up shifts whenever I am back in town and then I know I will have some kind of income coming in just in case there is a longer break between jobs. I think you will always have something available, you just can't be picky. Unfortunately I found out that infusion nursing is not considered a specialty like PICU or ER nursing in the travel world. We are considered Med Surg nurses, so we don't get the big bucks! BUT! Because there are so few of us it seems, you can usually negotiate with the hospitals because they aren't likely to find someone quickly with the qualifications they are looking for!

    Thanks so much, I am looking to start in june. OOH and yes I did see they pay was a bit on the low end but for me its all about the experience.
  9. by   cmimmel
    I felt the same way. For me it was all about seeing the country and getting to experience different kinds of nursing. Good luck with your first assignment!
  10. by   tbraysrn
    I am looking to get into traveling nursing in July or August. I have 30 years of Pediatric Hem/Onc experience but the last 24 have been outpatient. I am a Certified Pediatric Hem/Onc Nurse with chemo certification. Really want to travel but worried that there will not be a place for me in the travel world. Would love to do whatever anyone out there have similar experience?