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    I've been with CCTC for 7 1/2 yrs. now. I've been very satisfied with the service from them. I was lucky enough to have the same recruiter for the whole time up until this assignment so that has a lot to do with my satisfaction. I can't say that there have been no problems - of course there have - but in every case the situations were resolved to my satisfaction. When major issues arose with one hospital, I was fully supported by the CCTC staff in first trying to resolve them, and then in leaving the assignment early at no financial penalty to me! They had me lined up with everything I needed to go on to a new assignment from there in less than 2 weeks time!
    As I have said in previous posts, this may not be the right company for some, but everyones needs are different. Just remember to interview the company you are considering in the same way they interview you.

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    I left travel nursing for a permanent job. CCTC was an okay company to work for. My first recruiter was wonderful but.... she left and I was transferred to another who also left.... and then my third was extremely busy. I never had problems getting paid or finding assignments.
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    Quote from carehope
    I also had the same problem with cross country. I finally walked on the second assignment. I had to fight to get paid. They charged me for everything. I havent traveled since. To top it off a nurse friend was going to travel and I told her to make sure she did not deal with the recruiter I had. they tryed to give her that recruiter and when she said she didnt want her they asked why and she told them that I had said not to use her and they proceded to tell my friend that there was no problem with the recruiter it was with the nurse. She then let them know how unprofessional they were and she would make sure to advise others to be aware. You definatly need to check out the recruiter. I am concidering traveling again and will use RN network. They come highly recommended by several nurses that are on assignments now with them.
    What type of things did they bill you for?
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    Quote from RonT
    Seeking peoples experiences with CrossCountry Travcorp?
    I personally had a very poor experience with Cross country Trav Corp and would never travel with them or recommend them to anyone. Their clinical support is extremely poor. Just my opinion.
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    Very interesting comments----- I will be starting my FIRST assignment with cctc in Jan.'07. Since I am a newbie at traveling, I'm sure that I have MUCH to learn. I'm also aware that I may not have played all my cards as I should. It's a learning experience!
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    I am traveling with CCTC's sister company, Nova Pro. It is a smaller company but uses the same job database as CCTC. I am very happy with my current recruiter. Delphiforums, as another allnurses.com member suggested, is a good place to get feedback on CCTC or any other company, for that matter. Just do a search. I would say the most important thing in travel nursing is to do your research before you call a company, and read your contract very carefully! I also second the notion that having several recruiters is a good rule of thumb (after you have done your research, that is!) Take other travelers' opinions with a grain of salt, but realize there is a lot of wisdom in "been there, done that" stories. A good recruiter is worth his/her weight in gold. I had a housing issue (complex said my apt. wasn't ready to move-in a day before I was set to move!) and my recruiter and housing coordinator had the problem resolved to my satisifaction within an hour of my notification of the problem. Sadly, it seems that many travelers have had poor experiences with agency support. Good luck!
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    I am currently on my first assignment with CCTC, and have been satisfied with the assignment so far. My recruiter is excellent. I have had no issues with her service at all.

    The only thing that I was a little miffed about was what I was and was not reimbursed for. Since this is my first travelling experience, I'm not sure how it is with other companies.

    CCTC did not reimburse all of the fees that it took to get my California license. They only paid for the application fee. The total fees came out to almost $200 and I was only paid for $80 of it.

    The only other issue I had was they were wanting to require me to take a certification course that my nurse manager told me wasn't required. The cost was $250 and I would have had to travel 1 hour each way. I did end up getting that resolved to my satisfaction.

    Otherwise, good experience so far!
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    I am also starting w/ Novapro in Jan 2007. My friend traveled with them and really enjoyed her experience. They have been very nice and accomodating for me.
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    I left in the middle of an contract with them years ago after finding out other nurses with their company in the same ICU got paid more money!
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    Traveled with them before and had no issues except that my recruiter was so pushy but I had no complaints. Later down the road a friend of mine was traveling with them and we were on the same assignment with different companies and she found out she was making way less than I was and put a call out to her recruiter and she basically got more $ in the end to match what I was making. It's all about negotiating and making a company and recruiter work for you.

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