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Hello everyone! I'm switching over to nursesrx from a different company that paid weekly. Nursesrx says they pay the same time the facility pays which I bi weekly. That sucks was wondering if it's true or can you get around it?... Read More

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    Quote from emilee1978
    NursesRX is under the AMN umbrella, and AMN pays however the hospital has decided they wanna pay their travellers, bi-weekly or weekly. I've had both when I worked for AMN. I think most travellers prefer weekly, but not much you can do , it's the entire company.
    What has been your experience working with them? Would you recommend them?
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    I have worked few assignments for Nurserx/AMN, the last one I worked for them was at OSF in Peoria, IL, where I was paid biweekly, something which my recruiter neglected to tell me until I didnt get a check the first Friday.
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    I opted to not work with them. Something seeme off and a bit shady with what they were offering and saying. I'm glad because I did find another assignment that was closer to home and more money in the long run.