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  1. 0 Hi, I'm interested in traveling after a year and half of experience on a MedSurg/Gyn Onc floor. I was wondering what qualities should I look for in a recruiter and what companies hire Nurses with less than two years of experience. I'm single, no children but two pets so I'd prefer a company that is pet friendly.

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    The only way to answer that question is to start calling agencies. You will quickly discover the qualities in a recruiter you like, and about your pets.
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    Great question! I am in the same boat, just over a year experience and its just me and a couple of dogs. I am signed up with 3 agencies that I was referred to by friends. All 3 are telling me not to be picky on my first assignment, after that I should have more choices. Still very anxious and gathering information. Planning on starting my first assignment in June
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    Medical Solutions advertises that they are pet friendly.
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    Nurses choice is good!! I can refer. They also pay well!!! If you interested let me know . I will give you my twitter name. Cause i d k if we can private message on here.