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Ever since I graduated nursing school traveling has been a dream for me. It never seemed to be the right time and life just seemed to happen making it seemingly even more impossible. Now, a husband... Read More

  1. by   GleeGum
    I wanted to add something else we did while on the road with our young son. We hung ribbon with thumb tacks in the living room and also bedrooms where we could easily hang up his artwork or projects with clothes pins. This was a low impact way to decorate and display his work.

    Hope your plans are going well, OP!
  2. by   L&DNurseLMW
    That's a great idea! We are finishing our first assignment in Baltimore in about a month and so far it has been the experience of a lifetime! We are so glad that we took the leap and did it. We're starting to look for where to go next. Did you go to California at all? That seems to be the place to go. If so, what was your experience like and any particular areas you would/wouldn't recommend?
  3. by   GleeGum

    Yes, we went to Cali and LOVED it. San Diego was alright but not my fav. Loved Stanford, Sacramento, Central Coast. I did not go inland except for Sacramento. And can we talk about ratios and breaks? how refreshing. still worked hard but not insane burnout like NY. Let me know if you need a great recruiter to get you there. I have 2.

    Btw, Cali license takes time.
  4. by   L&DNurseLMW
    That's awesome! I've heard about the heavenly breaks and ratios from a fellow traveler. I think I'll start working on my licensure soon. My recruiter has presented several options to me there.
  5. by   L&DNurseLMW
    I actually just got a contract in Salinas! At Natividad. Where did you live when you were there? What hospital, etc? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! I wish we could exchange email addresses but the thread had some restriction on it. ???