New assignment and new agency - page 5

by Brownms46 | 5,471 Views | 40 Comments

I have just agreed to a new assignment in Southern Oregon on a Lake. It's a Mon-Fri 8:30 to 5:30pm, with no weekends, and no holidays..:cool:. Unfortunately there is no opportunity for OT...but I can live with that. It is... Read More

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    Heyyyyyy're totally welcome..! And thank you sooo much for including me and my daughter in such a sweet wish..! I send the same wonderful wishes for the Happiest and Safest Holidays to you and all those you love!

    I don't get on much here, as I'm working regualr hours now, and five days a week being more than I have been used to lately. But I peek in from time to time...! But I do miss the good ole days when I could really feed my addiciton...:chuckle

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