Need info on international nursing travel companies for assignments in Ireland.

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    HHHEEELLLPPPP! I am very interested in going to Ireland as a traveler. I know that there are opportunities out there because a friend saw the ad, but cannot find any traveler companies that do international travel. I don't know if it is because of my illiteracy on this computer thing or what, but I need help finding info. I am extremely interested in this opportunity and would appreciate any help you all who have traveled can provide. Names of companies, websites, ANYTHING that you know.
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    I am currently a traveler in the U.S. but am also looking at traveling overseas. My problem is that I would prefer to travel with a U.S. company and most seem to be out of the U.K. A few sights you might try are,, If I find any more, I'll let you know. I'd like to go to Australia and then maybe Italy or some other place on the continent. Mary Jo
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    Friends, Check out the classifieds in any good nursing journal.
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    You could try searching the Nursing Research Engine for agencies listed on the Internet that may be useful to you.


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    Yes, I know of a couple of agencies. email me and I will send you the info directly on email.
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    I know of one international nursing travel company based in the USA. Their web site address is
    Hope this helps!
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