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  1. Hi everyone. I wanted to write to tell you all my about the first time I got to work with a travel nurse.
    I'm a new grad as of June 2003. I worked in a small ER for 5 months, went prn there, and today was my first day in a level 2 ER.
    My mother has been in heathcare for about 6 years now and tells me about travelers, their cool stories, and not so cool things that happen to them in her small community hospital. She has now started doing in state assignments to prepare to "travel" soon.
    Well today I met my first ER travel nurse. He rocked!!!!! He was completely smart, very on top of things. He actually told the doctors the things HE wanted done. I can tell he has gained much respect in this ER, and that he does a great job!!!!
    Of course today was my first day in this ER, so i was just "observing, and watching the flow" among some basic pt care, but i observed ALOT out of this guy.
    His name tag was AMH, so i'm thinking American Mobile. I'm sort of amazed because he seemed like he knew everything, and he had only been there a short time.
    In short...... now i definitely look to travel someday, and I hope I can do it with the confidence and suaveness (sp?) that this RN did.
    xo Jenni
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  3. by   bellehill
    One thing traveling will do is give you confidence! Glad you had a good experience, sounds like a cool nurse.
  4. by   BarbPick
    What you saw was an expereinced nurse. That is why old nurses like me tell young nurses like you to stay put for a few years and gain expereince. The Travel Nurse is so used to doing his job, it is different place same job.
  5. by   saskrn
    It is definitely essential to have expereince before traveling! And the longer you travel, the more experience you'll develop in the travel nurse arena, as well.

    I'm happy that this travel nurse was respected enough to tell the doctors what to do. Unfortunately, travel nurses do not always get respect. Increasingly, they are getting less respect. I didn't realize how bad facilities and staff view travelers, until applying for permanent positions, lately. It was sad.
  6. by   zambezi
    I really enjoy having travelers in our unit. The ones that know their stuff are great! They really help pick up slack when we are short. The only reason that I can see why some people don't like having those that travel in the unit is that when you have travelers fairly frequenlty and you get a little string of ones that don't know their stuff, it stinks, especially if they are unwilling to take listen to the charge nurses suggestions. And unfortunately, this does happen. JMHO. Again, when you get a good traveler it is fabulous and is such a burden off the unit! (of course the same can be said for regular staff too)