Moving to California, Researching different Travel Nurse Agencies, how do I choose?

  1. 0 I'm very excited to announce the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I'm moving to Los Angeles, California! I have begun the daunting task of job placement. I have some very specific needs and a specific location in mind. I have spoken and secured a position as a Per Diem RN with an agency based in L.A. however the hours are not guaranteed.

    So I began researching different Travel agencies, I have spoken to a couple, but how do I gauge the reliability of each one. Do I sign-on with one agency or multiple?

    What's a new Travel Nurse to do?
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    I would suggest taking a travel contract so you will have guaranteed employment. The job market in So Cal is horrible. If you plan to do per diem agency work, call the hospitals you are interested in working for and find out which agencies they use. Yes, you should sign up with more than one agency, per diem work can be iffy. Good luck!
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    Thanks RNewbie!

    Why is the job market so horrible. Is it because everyone wants to work there and jobs are hard to come by?

    I'm talking to one travel agency and will probably sign a contract with them.

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